Victoria Bruce (born April 7, 1999) is a British child actress who portrayed the character of Young Éponine in the 2011 West End cast of Les Misérables, sharing this role with actress Nicole Sypher. At the time, Victoria was twelve years old. She sometimes goes by Tori.

She is a member of a young people's theatre group and, while her role in Les Mis was her only part on the West End, she has been in a variety of musicals with her theatre troupe. (Many in an American accent!)

Victoria lives in southern London with her Mum, Dad, Gran, her brother and sister, and her twin yellow Lab puppies, Cheddar and Chamomile.

She is now fifteen, but the picture to the right features her at age twelve, when she was with the cast of Les Mis.

Personal Life Edit

Victoria was born Victoria Megan Bruce on April 7, 1999 in London to Cherry (née Lawson) and Jack Bruce. She is the eldest of three children, her younger brother and sister being Wayne (born October 2002) and Jane (born June 2007), respectively.

As a young child, Victoria was teased at school because she was always singing and dancing and "performing" on the playground at school, along with her best friend Michaela. She stated that eventually her classmates "outgrew" the teasing and that they stopped bothering her around the time she professionally joined Les Mis. Victoria is still close friends with Michaela, who is also a member of the theatre troupe and had auditioned for the part of Little Cosette the same year Victoria was with the cast, but didn't get the role.

She has been acting since she was eight, when she performed in her first musical in amateur theatre. She still loves drama, and says that she hopes to be in more plays when she grows up, as well as voice some characters in animated Disney movies.

List of Credits Edit

  • The King and I —— Children's Chorus (2007)^
  • The Secret Garden —— Mary Lennox (2008)^
  • Annie —— Annie (2009)^
  • Les Misérables —— Young Eponine (2011)
  • A Christmas Story: the Musical —— Child Ensemble (2012)^
  • 13: the Musical —— Kendra (2013)^
  • The Phantom of the Opera —— Meg (2014)^

^ - youth theatre troupe productions

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