Eponine/Samantha Barks

By a mile Eponine has always been my favorite character. And the fact she was played by Samantha just adds on 100 more reasons to like her. I have followed Samantha since she came third in I'd Do Anything, and had hoped she would come back into the spotlight some how. I am kinda pissed that she didnt get her name in any of the TV adds, as I do feel Eponine plays a greater part than both Fantine and Cosette, but I am glad she got this chance. I feel she played the movie well, and just showed the rough emotion needed to play Eponine. I was almost in tears when she died, and thought A Little Fall of Rain was done perfectly. Kinda wished they hadnt cut that song.

Fantine/Anne Hathaway

Now onto my second favorite character. Fantine was not actually one of my favorites from when I watched the musical, but from the way she was portrayed by Anne that has changed. The raw emotion that was put into this was just stunning. Her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream was one of the three songs that almost sent me into tears, with the addition of On My Own and A Little Fall of Rain. Other than I Dreamed a Dream, I had to say I really enjoyed her in Another Day Over. To me that is an underestimated song, and I felt it was shown well in the movie.

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