Anxiously counting down the days until the new Les Mis film is released is like counting down the days to Christmas. The closer it gets, the less we sleep! Conveniently, these countdowns go hand in hand as both events fall on December 25th! That's only 96 more days from the time I write this.

So far, the only morsels of information and media we've been able to savor have been the announcement of the cast (Magnifique!) and the release of the the first trailer and a featurette with Eddie Redmayne (Incroyable!). Finally, we have been given something even more juicy. Hold on to your caps, because the following extended first look is about to blow you away....

Les Misérables - Extended First Look04:37

Les Misérables - Extended First Look

As you've learned, the production of this musical film is unprecedented. If you weren't inspired by the actors speaking passionately about the live singing they've bravely and emotionally performed throughout this film's production, then you have no soul! If this movie turns out to be a disappoint, I will be shocked.

How do you feel about the actors singing live in the new Les Mis film?

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