So I decided to write my first blog post... I'm sure I won't write anything important, or new, but I'm going to tell you my opinion about Les Miserables.

At first, how I heard about it and when? Not a long time ago, last year actually. Of course I knew Victor Hugo's name and there was a book like this. But I've met the story during my french lessons, when we had culture's lessons. I liked it, but I haven't known yet it became one of my favourite books and movies after my beloved Lord of the Rings. I watched the movie the first time with my school class. I really enjoyed the movie so much (I didn't expect it) that I went to the cinema for the second time with my family. The more I watched Les Mis, the more I liked it. Everything: acting, music, characters, scenes, the story... Then I decided to read the book.

Main problem was how to get it? I couldn't find the first book in my town, so I had to borrow it from the library. I enjoyed the book as much as the movie, maybe even more. It became my favourite. It's such a pity movie couldn't show all interesting moments from the novel. Maybe it should has two or three parts, like The Hobbit? Unfortunately, it hasn't...

I would like to buy the book when I'll be able to and read it for the second time. I often come back to the musical and listen movie songs almost every day. My fav characters are Javert, Eponine, Jean Valjean, Enjolras, Feuilly and Combeferre, but I didn't like too much Thenardiers, Gavroche (am I the only one??? I'm sorry...) and Cosette & Marius (I mean from the book, especially Marius). The best song from the movie for me is One day more and the least I like is Bring him home.

I think that's all. By the way, sorry for any mistakes in my english. I'm trying to write it well, I study in IB World School, but I'm afraid my english is not as perfect as I would like it to be :)

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