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  • LennonBaggins

    Notre-Dame de Paris

    October 11, 2013 by LennonBaggins

    Hello! Is there anyone who likes Notre-Dame de Paris book and/or musical? I need some help, because I've just created NDDP Wiki, and I don't have pages too much, actually I'm only person on this wiki, so if you like Notre-Dame and would like to help in editing and creating an articles, please join us!

    I would be very gratefull.

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  • LennonBaggins


    October 2, 2013 by LennonBaggins

    Now a short blog post. To be precise, I just wanted to explain one thing. Perhaps it may seems strange that I have Cosette photo on my banner because I wrote I don't like her too much. When I joined this wiki I haven't finished book yet, and I liked Cosette from the musical and movie. And I think Amanda is very pretty by the way :). When I finished the novel I really disliked Marius and Cosette, they annoyed me, although they were positive characters. After all, my banner wasn't changed.

    And you? Do you like Cosette and Marius (in movie and novel)? Because I liked them in the movie/musical.

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  • LennonBaggins

    Les Mis

    September 22, 2013 by LennonBaggins

    So I decided to write my first blog post... I'm sure I won't write anything important, or new, but I'm going to tell you my opinion about Les Miserables.

    At first, how I heard about it and when? Not a long time ago, last year actually. Of course I knew Victor Hugo's name and there was a book like this. But I've met the story during my french lessons, when we had culture's lessons. I liked it, but I haven't known yet it became one of my favourite books and movies after my beloved Lord of the Rings. I watched the movie the first time with my school class. I really enjoyed the movie so much (I didn't expect it) that I went to the cinema for the second time with my family. The more I watched Les Mis, the more I liked it. Everything: acting, mus…

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