I want to do what Eponine did in the film/musical... I want to sing in the rain over this crush who is not really interested in me. I've been waiting for the perfect day and the perfect moment where I'm alone and could sing at the top of my lungs in my strange contralto/Mezzo (I'm in both ranges) voice On My Own or Parade by Jordin Sparks... Just something sad/fiesty.

But I missed it. Yesterday was the perfect day. 

The boy was close to me two days ago while we worked at a retreat for some younger kids in our school. He stood near me, sat so close to me our legs brushed, and were were in a tight pantry together. We argued, we always argue, but I wasn't angry with him (for once). And he wasn't mad at me either, I could tell. We just shouted about keeping track of the kids in our repected retreat groups. He also cooked for me... I could go on about one whole day.

But he's with another. And I'm alone. I'm also rambling. 

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