aka Annalisa

  • I live in the TARDIS
  • I was born on July 7
  • My occupation is Auror
  • I am Female
  • HearingThePeopleSing

    I am a passionate fan of Les Mis, especially in the musical. There are few words to descrube just how it changed my life. But while surfing through as many versions as possible of Les Mis, one thing has started to make me very irritated.

    People complaining about the movie cast (in particular, Russell Crowe). Chose any Les Mis video that's popular and you will find complaints. Why? I do not see why Russell Crowe was so bad. In fact, he's my second favorite Javert. Very few Les Miserables fans I've come across have liked his performance.

    To be frank, while Norm Lewis is still my favorite Javert, I like Crowe's performance of "Stars" better. His voice is actually pretty good, and he's very passionate in his role. While most fans complain that C…

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  • HearingThePeopleSing

    What is your favorite non-singing Les Mis cast? This can include any favorites from any adaptation, no matter when they are from or what language the adaptation was in.

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