After being away for almost a year (Perhaps more, I had to move house, then family stuff happened) I have finally found time to return to the Wiki I call home, and shall do everything within my power to make up for the lost time!!!!

Within this last year, I was finally able to the Les Miserables cast live in Australia, and was able to sit in the balcony seats too! Might I say, that the performance was sensational, and the day in which I saw it was easily the greatest day of my life (Including my own birth). I was also able to grab a limited edition Les Miserables Aus Shirt (Which is now my prised possesion possession) and a poster, which I later had framed. Waitng outside the theatre after the peformance, I also caught a glimpse of the Lead himself, (I forget his name; I'm tired! I'll probably edit his name in later), Jean Valjean, out side the Queensland Performing Arts centre bathrooms, but I was too nervous to say hi...

Anyway, I just felt like re-announcing my presence, and would like to sy hi to some of the friends I used to know back when I was an active editor (I'm looking at you Lennon Baggins)!

Anyway, Good Afternoon To You All

Emile Javert 

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