First of all, I think Eponine had a pretty rough life, yet she was unafraid. That gives all the reason to adore her. Her death was very tragic although beautiful. She was finally in the arms of the man she loves but never loved her back. And she even got shot in her hand and back (chest in the musical) to save Marius. That was probably the most beautiful part in the movie. It had me bursting into tears! Yes, she was spoiled when she was a child and she mistreated Cosette with her sister Azelma, but what is she now? A ragged waif. I don't see any reason to hate Eponine. It was sad to see her walking down the streets of Paris singing about how there is no hope for her and Marius. I think Eponine and Marius should be together. I believe Eponine is a very loyal character. Even if she knows Marius had fallen in love with Cosette she still followed Marius when he told her to find out where she lives. In my opinion, she is very selfless and ready to sacrifice for her loved ones. For all those billion Harry Potter  fans, I think Eponine would have done well in Hufflepuff (the house of the hardworking and humble) or especially Gryffindor (the house of the brave and daring). I still think she doesn't deserve to treat Cosette like a dog who just rolled in something smelly. Cosette was abandoned by her mother and don't you think being servant of a stinky, smelly inn at a young age (she started when she was not yet even five yrs. old) is torture enough? Well that's all I could say. In short, I completely adore Eponine with every bit of me! Thank you!