Normally, I tend to hate the bad characters in a book/movie. From Hating the Slyherin House, the Dursleys, and Voldemorts crew, to the Volturi coven in Twilight. Their was not a character that I thought was annoying in a book or movie unless I really felt that urge to. When I read the Les Miserables book, I thought "Okay, I'm probably going to dislike: Inspector Javert, Thénardiers, and the police." But while reading the book, I read the section on Marius and was like "What a douches bag. Such an idiot for doing these things." I get the fact he refused to live the proper life with his grand father, it's like how every barrel has it's bad apple, theirs often times a "Black Sheep," within the family. Marius in the book version, was that black sheep for helping Madame & Monsieur Thénardier. Because Marius chose to do the opposite of bad when the opportunity presented himself, he started to straighten up his act a little bit. But Marius remained annoying throughout the remaining part of the book until after the attack at the barricade. I do get where some of the characters are coming from with trying to help him, but he was like a lost cause for a while.