Having read both the book and seen Les Miserables, their were times when I thought: Are their any siblings sharing the same issues with in this time frame. But I did find the siblings in Éponine & Gavroche Thénardier. What I found that was odd was while Époninie was allowed to stay with the family, Gavroche was kicked out anf forced to live with others to survive.

Éponine and Gavroche

Eponine and her brother

Gavroche and Courfeyrac

Gavroche and Courfeyrac

Gavroche seemed to run the area of Paris, Inspector Javert was around to administor a punishment.

What was annoying to me was certain things that did and didn't happen in the book, but happened in the movie. One being, is that Eponine and Gavroche never established that they were siblings. The other being, Eponine died in both books and 2012 movie, but when it came to Gavroche. It was like no one realized that he even died or what the cause was of his death.

Look Down (Gavroche)03:15

Look Down (Gavroche)


27. At the barricade Little people - Les Misérables

Gavroche's death01:40

Gavroche's death.

While the 2012 version showed the Gavroche died from a gun shot wound, it was clear in the book, the author was trying to rush and was like "Well, Gavroche is dead in the background."

Tumblr mklb46QYN21ql439fo1 r1 500
The whole of the barricade took Gavroche's death very hard, specially Courfeyrac, who acted like a big brother to Gavroche.

Courfeyrac was highly upset and the police was not taking this well...If the Les Miserables book were to be redone. Someone needs to have Gavroche acknowledged of his death. Gavroche was willing to risk his life, so that kids and adults would be able to be free.

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