Stephanie Tangir (born June 3, 1998) is a young British actress who portrayed the character of Little Cosette on the Cardiff tour in 2006. She shared this part with child actress Sammy Bloom. At the time the actress was eight years old, and turned nine with the cast. She is relatively unknown as a child actress but has recently had a role in The Color Purple and has also performed in many ballets.

Stephanie made her stage debut at the age of just four, in the small role of Emmy Helmer in A Doll's House. Now sixteen, she continues to have had several roles and plans on pursuing a professional acting career.

The image to the right was Stephanie's school photo of the year she was with the cast.

Personal Life and Career Edit

Stephanie Tangir was born on June 3, 1998 to Eve and Raj Tangir in Essex. She is part-Indian as her father was born in New Delhi. Stephanie is an only child.

From a young age, she was very outgoing and bold, and started taking simple lessons in acting, music, and dance at age three. Just a year later, she made her stage debut in the Victorian play A Doll's House, in the small role of Emmy Helmer, one of the main character's three children, though she only had a few lines. Stephanie also performed in Swan Lake later that year as a flower girl.

At age six, Stephanie again took on a stage role, a slightly larger one this time as Martha in the play The Miracle Worker, which is based off of the Helen Keller story. This required her to put on an American accent and she took many elocution lessons to master this accent as best she could.

At age eight, she played in Les Mis, and has taken on other stage roles since, as well as another feature in ballet.

List of Credits Edit

  • A Doll's House —— Emmy Helmer (2002)
  • Swan Lake —— Flower Girl (2002)
  • The Miracle Worker —— Martha (2004)
  • Les Miserables —— Little Cosette (2006-07)
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang —— Jemima Potts (2007)
  • The Nutcracker —— Flower Fairy #1 (2008)
  • The Color Purple (youth theatre) —— Celie (2011)

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