Shireen Bragman (born September 30, 1999) is a child actress from England who played the role of Little Cosette in the 2006 West End cast of Les Misérables. Just seven years old at the time, making her one of the younger actresses to play the role, Shireen shared her role with fellow young Alexis Taha, who was nine. Like her fellow young actress, Shireen has been extremely active in the British acting community. She made her stage debut at just six, playing the sizable role of Gretl VonTrapp in The Sound of Music with three other actresses in the 2005 open-air production.

The image to the right shows Shireen's cast picture when she was with Les Misérables.

About Edit

Shireen was born on September 30, 1999 in Essex, England to Elizabeth (née Tomlinson) and Mark Bragman. She has one older sister named Anna, who was born in April 1996, and a dog .

At the age of four, Shireen's daycare teacher noticed she had an unusual singing talent for her age, and suggested to her parents she be signed up for professional lessons. She was signed up for musical theatre lessons instead, and two years later she found herself playing Gretl VonTrapp in The Sound of Music. Afterwards, Shireen found herself acting in several plays and musicals, nearly every year, as can be seen below.

List of Credits Edit

  • The Sound of Music —— Gretl VonTrapp (2005)
  • Les Misérables —— Little Cosette (2006)
  • Jane Eyre —— Young Jane (2007)
  • The Secret Garden —— Mary Lennox (2009)
  • Ruthless! —— Tina (2010)
  • Matilda the Musical —— alternate Hortensia (2011)
  • Into the Woods —— Little Red Riding Hood (2012)
  • The Little Mermaid youth cast —— Ariel (2013)
  • Grease —— Marty (2014)
  • Garden of Eden youth cast —— Storyteller (2014)
  • 13 the Musical —— Lucy (2015)

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