Samantha "Sammy" Bloom (born May 27 1999) is a young actress who portrayed the character of Little Cosette on the Cardiff of Les Miserables in 2006. She shared this role with child actress Stephanie Tangir. Sammy was seven years old when she took on the role, and it marked her stage debut. She has taken on a few other roles since in other popular plays for children, and has also had a guest appearance as an extra in the 2008 Christmas special episode of Doctor Who, "The Next Doctor." She is in fact Irish, but took on her Les Mis role while her family had a two-year stay in Wales.

The picture to the right features her at age seven, the same year she was with the cast.

Personal Life Edit

Sammy was born Samantha Devon Bloom on May 27, 1999 to Alan and Jennifer Bloom in Dublin. She has a brother named Hugh who is three years her senior.

At the age of three, Sammy began to take piano and singing lessons after showing a great interest in music at this early age. A year later she began to attend biweekly acting courses for young children. Despite her clear passion for the stage, however, she was generally very quiet and shy at school and had only a few close friends. She attended Loreto Primary School and took part in the school choir. Her older brother also attended this school, but was much more outgoing than she and was rather popular, playing on several sports teams. However, when she was nearly seven her family temporarily moved to Cardiff, as her father had had a job transfer, and the family was to remain there for two years, staying with Sammy's grandmother.

In Wales Sammy was taken to see a play on the West End, and decided she wanted to perform, as she was still attending acting and music courses. She auditioned for the role of Little Cosette and was cast along with one other child actress, Stephanie Tangir, and the girls became good friends. After Sammy moved back to Dublin, she and Stephanie remained in contact.

Other Credits Edit

  • Mary Poppins —— Jane Banks (2008)
  • Doctor Who: Christmas special 2008 —— Urchin Child (uncredited)
  • The Secret Garden —— Mary Lennox (2010)

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