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Madame Thénardier
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Biographical information


Hair color

Ginger (novel)


1832 (novel)

Cause of Death

Dies in jail


Éponine (daughter)
Azelma (daughter)
Gavroche (son)
Two unnamed younger sons


Monsieur Thénardier (spouse)


Innkeeper's wife

Behind the scenes

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Madame Thénardier is the female secondary antagonist in the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. She is the wife of Monsieur Thénardier. She mistreats Cosette until Jean Valjean takes her away. In the movie and musical, she is seen again at Marius and Cosette's wedding stealing silverware (this does not happen in the book, where she is arrested, eventually dying in prison after her family is incarcerated).


In the book Madame Thénardier is ugly, tall, fat and huge woman, about 12 or 14 years younger than her husband. She's totally subordinated to Thénardier, they together own their inn (known as "the Seargent of Waterloo"). She gave birth to five children (including Eponine and Gavroche), but she loves only her daughters, and she spoils them. Later Fantine meets her and leaves her daughter, Cosette, in her care, after believing she is a good mother. Both Madame and Monsiuer Thénardiers treat her badly, but Fantine is unaware, and continues to send the couple money.

Several years later, Valjean visited the Waterloo inn and plans to take Cosette into his own care. The Thénardiers attempt to con Valjean with a double price room and other extra fees regarding Cosette's care. However, Madame Thenardier does not have her fictional debt regarding Cosette's care paid, after Valjean presents a letter from Fantine, causing Thénardier to keep his promise and erase all fees at the girl's mother's approval. Valjean uses the threat of Madame Thénardier returning for her to ensure she travels quickly through the convent.

After Thénardiers' inn goes bankrupt, the family, under the name Jondrette, traveled Gorbeau House and joined the Patron-Minette gang. Finally, the Thénardiers are arrested by Javert and Madame Thénardier dies in jail.



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