Biographical information
Also Known As

L'Aigle de Meaux



Hair color





June 6,1832

Cause of Death

Shot at the barricade


Musichetta (mistress; shared with Joly)


Member of Les Amis de l'ABC

Behind the scenes

Ken Caswell
Terance Reddick
James Gant
Stuart Neal
Edward Baruwa
Tony Joudrier

Lesgle is best known as the unluckiest student and member of Les Amis de l'ABC. He is also the group's oldest member.


Lesgle is described to be the man with the smile, though possibly the worst luck ever. He is the only member of Les Amis de l'ABC who doesn't come from the society. He has been studying law since he was sent to university. There is never a day where laughter does not consume him so least as once and the smile he wears never fails to accompany him on most any occasion. For a man with such luck as his own, he is most certainly a glowing ball of delight that many take pleasure of knowing. He claims he has no hard feelings against his misfortune and seems to be quite content with the fact that nothing quite ever goes his way. Lesgle's best friend is Joly, whom he shares nearly everything with, including a mistress by the name of Musichetta.

Lesgle undoubtedly respects Joly and so long as Joly is around, he himself intends to be around. He is devoted to the cause just as any other and fears the concept of death as do the others. Lesgle is nearly convinced that should Joly die, he would as well. And with his luck, death seems to play in his favour. It is not something he typically wishes to discuss. He prefers humorous conversations with profound laughter.


  • His name is given multiple spellings between different printings of the novel and the playbills for the musical
  • According to 2012 film's cast includes, it is 'Lesgles'.
  • In most productions of the musical, Lesgle is not portrayed as bald 
  • 'Bossuet' is pronounced like 'Boss-wé'
  • "L'Aigle de Meaux" means "Eagle from Meaux"


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