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The Dutch version of the musical Les Misérables, based on the novel of the same name by French poet and playwright, Victor Hugo, premiered in the Netherlands in 1991. The musical was very successful and was one of the reasons why musical became popular in the Netherlands at the time. The musical ended in 1992, because the theater in which the musical played was hired by another production. If not, the production could've ran longer because of it's success.

In 2008, the revival of the musical premiered featuring several of the best known Dutch musical actors of the time. Like the 1991 version, the musical succesfully ran for a year and was known as the "musical der musicals".

The 2008 version of the musical won 5 John Kraaijkamp Musical Awards, including best musical.


Original Cast (1991) Revival Cast (2008)
Jean Valjean Henk Poort René van Kooten
Javert Ernst Daniël Smid Wim van den Driessche
Marius Danny de Munk Jamai Loman
Cosette Joke de Kruijf Suzan Seegers
Éponine Vera Mann, Marika Lansen Céline Purcell
Fantine Pia Douwes, Betty Vermeulen Nurlaila Karim
Enjolras Bill van Dijk Freek Bartels, Dieter Troubleyn
Thénardier Paul de Leeuw, Door van Boeckel Carlo Boszhard
Madame Thénardier Simone Kleinsma Marjolein Algera


The following are songs featured in the 2008 Dutch version of the musical. Seth Gaaikema translated the English lyrics in 1991.

Act I Edit

Note: some of the songs are missing due to not knowning the translations

  1. Overture
  2. Omlaag, omlaag (Work Song)
  3. Wat deed ik, Heer? (What Have I Done?)
  4. Aan het eind van de dag (At the End of the Day)

    The 2008 cast during "Nog één dag" (One Day More)

  5. Mijn droom (I Dreamed a Dream)
  6. Lekkere meiden (Lovely Ladies)
  7. Fantines arrestatie (Fantine's Arrest)
  8. Wie ben ik? (Who Am I?)
  9. Kom bij mij (Fantines dood) (Come to Me (Fantine's Death))
  10. Man tegen man (The Confrontation)
  11. Mijn luchtkasteel (Castle on a Cloud)
  12. Baas van het hele spul (Master of the House)
  13. De Thénardierwals (The Bargain/The Thénardier Waltz of Treachery)
  14. Omlaag (Look Down)
  15. Ster (Stars)
  16. Rood zwart (ABC Café/Red and Black)
  17. Hoor je 't zingen op de straat? (Do You Hear the People Sing?)
  18. In mijn hart (In My Life)
  19. Mijn hart zingt voor jou (A Heart Full of Love)
  20. Poging tot inbraak (The Attack on Rue Plumet)
  21. Nog één dag (One Day More)

Act II Edit

  1. In naam van de vrijheid (Building the Barricade (Upon These Stones))
  2. Heel alleen (On My Own)
  3. Wij Ukkies (Little People)
  4. Regen Maakt de Velden Groen (A Little Fall of Rain)
  5. Drink met mij op lang voorbij (Drink with Me)
  6. Breng hem thuis (Bring Him Home)

    The Thénardiers in the 2008 version

  7. Het beslissende gevecht (The Final Battle)
  8. Hond eet hond (Dog Eats Dog (The Sewers))
  9. Javerts zelfmoord (Javert's Suicide)
  10. Cirkels (Turning)
  11. Lege stoelen, lege tafels (Empty Chairs At Empty Tables)
  12. Elke dag (Every Day - A Heart Full of Love (Reprise))
  13. Bruiloftslied (Wedding Chorale)
  14. Bedelaars op het feest (Beggars at the Feast)
  15. Finale (Finale)

Trivia Edit

  • Besides the version Dutch in the Netherlands, there was another Dutch version which premiered in Belgium in 1998. Although the version was also in Dutch, a new translation was used, based on the Flemish language.

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