Lauren Brzozowski (b. April 14, 1978) was an American child actress in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1988, she portrayed the character of Little Cosette in Les Miserables in the first USA tour of that year, being one of two actresses to take on the role. She was ten years old at the time, but had only been in one theatre role previously, and would only go on to be in one more play before leaving the acting world at age thirteen.

The photograph to the right is Lauren's cast photo at the time.

Personal Life Edit

Childhood Edit

Lauren Brzozowski was born on April 14, 1978 to Morgan (nee Carter) and Rupert Brzozowski in Boston, Massachusetts. Her mother was born and raised in the United States; her father immigrated to America as a child from Greece. Lauren was born as the youngest of three children, her two older sisters being Annette (b. September 1975) and Rochelle (b. August 1971). The girls were raised in a vaguely Protestant household, but also studied Greek with their father, who wanted his children to be aware of their paternal cultural background.

When Lauren was eight years old, she unexpectedly announced she wanted to audition for the role of Molly in the musical Annie after hearing a casting call on the radio. As she had never expressed any interest in theatre or music before, her parents were surprised but took her to audition, not expecting much in the way of results: Lauren had never had any training in any performance fields before. However, Lauren impressed the judges with her surprisingly sweet, clear voice, energetic dance moves, and contrasting broad smile and forlorn expression. After a three-month local run of the show, her parents signed her up for theatre classes, but after a year Lauren got bored of them and decided to drop out.

A year later she again decided to audition for a play, this time Les Miserables. Again using her innocence and destitute expression in her favour, Lauren easily won over the judges and was cast as Little Cosette. She shared her role with eleven-year-old Sophie Stone, and the two girls toured the country in performance, alternating between nights. However, once they finished their run, they returned home and Lauren instantly tried out for another local musical: a workhouse child in Oliver! She was cast, but this was to be her last role. After finishing her run, Lauren began to lose interest in the performance arts.

Adulthood Edit

After leaving theatre, Lauren spent a quiet adolescence with her family, and began to develop a great love for animals. She entered the medical field after finishing secondary school. Now she works as a veterinarian in Connecticut and is married with one two-year-old son.

List of Credits Edit

  • Annie -- Molly (1986)
  • Les Miserables -- Little Cosette (1988)
  • Oliver! -- Workhouse Child (1988)

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