Laura Berry (born April 2000) is a young British actress who played the character of Little Cosette in the 2009-2010 West End cast of Les Miserables. She was nine years old at the time she started working, and turned ten towards the end of her year-long run. Laura was one of two actresses to take on the child part in that year. She has performed a couple of other times in other plays and musicals, but now that she is a young teenager, has since moved on to traditional theatre as well as band. However, she is still active in the youth theatre community.

Laura has wanted to be an actress since she was four years old. The picture to the right shows Laura at the age of nine, around the same time she was working on Les Miserables.

Personal Life Edit

Laura Berry was born in South London, England on April 22, 2000 to Simon and Yasmine Berry. She is an only child, but has many older cousins who she stays in close contact with. She is a raised Protestant and her family occasionally attends church.

At the age of four, Laura announced she wanted to be an actress after having a troupe of children's actors visit her kindergarten. She began to take weekly children's drama courses and took on her first role a few years later, when she was seven.

A few years ago she started taking band and is trained in flute and clarinet.

List of Credits Edit

  • Annie Get Your Gun -- 2007 -- Nellie
  • Billy Elliott -- 2008 -- Debbie
  • The Dining Room -- 2011 -- Lizzy
  • The Miracle Worker -- 2013 -- Martha
  • The Tragedy of Julius Caesar -- 2014 -- Calphurnia

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