Jenny Bordain (born June 10, 1985) was an American child actress in the 1990's. In the 1997 Florida cast of Les Miserables, Jenny portrayed the character of Young Éponine. She was twelve years old at the time. This production lasted from the beginning of June to the last day of December of that year. She is also vaguely known for her roles in The Lion King (which she first played in as a child and returned to in her early twenties) and her last stage sighting in Chicago.

Her final sighting was in the musical Chicago, in 2007. After this, Jenny would leave acting and enter orchestra instead, as she knew to play the flute and the clarinet. Jenny now works playing music for Broadway musicals.

The picture to the right is Jenny's cast photograph and was featured in the program.

Personal LifeEdit

Early Life Edit

Jenny Bordain was born Jennifer Rose Bordain on June 10, 1997 to Zoe (born Scot) and David Bordain in Miami, Florida. She has two older brothers, Carter (born September 1981) and Wayne (born February 1984). She and her brothers attended Calusa Elementary School as children and as a teen Jenny attended William H. Turner Technical Arts High School, whereas her brothers went to a private boy's school for secondary education.

Jenny enjoyed the arts and English as a child, and spent a lot of her time reading and drawing.

Personal Life TodayEdit

Jenny is an Atheist. She owns a dog named , who is a Border Collie. In 2008, she moved to New York and married her boyfriend of three years, William Ryce, there, but did not change her surname when she married. Her husband works as a decorator and furniture designer. They live outside of Manhattan on Staten Island, and have a two-year-old daughter named Christina.

List of CreditsEdit

  • The Sound of Music —— Marta VonTrapp (1994)
  • The Lion King —— Young Nala (1995)
  • Les Miserables —— Young Éponine (1997)
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (school play) —— Narrator (1999)
  • The Lion King —— Nala (2006)
  • Chicago —— Velma Kelly (2007)


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