Jennifer Bujari (b. May 7, 1991) was an American child actress who played the character of Little Cosette in the 1990 Broadway production of Les Misérables. Nine years old at the time, Jennifer shared the part with young actress Katie Song. After a few small- to medium-sized roles on Broadway in her childhood, Jennifer drifted out of the acting industry. She made one return as Gigi's understudy in the popular Miss Saigon and played Maria in West Side Story, but beyond that, has not acted as an adult. She made her stage debut at the age of seven, two years before being in Les Misérables, as a workhouse child in Oliver!

The image to the right shows Jennifer's cast picture at the time she was in Les Misérables.

About Edit

Jennifer Bujari was born Jennifer Esther Bujari to Yasmin (nee Cruz) and Adam Bujari on May 7, 1981 in Queens, New York. She has an adopted younger sister named Daria (born March 1985). Her mother is Filippina, and her younger sister is originally from Russia.

Jennifer made her stage debut at the age of seven, when she played a workhouse child in the musical Oliver! She was in one musical the year after, had her role in Les Mis a year after that, but only went on to be in one show three years later before disappearing from Broadway for the remainder of her childhood. At the age of nineteen, she was lucky to be an understudy for Miss Saigon's lead role of Gigi.

She now lives as an interior decorator with her husband Ross and daughter Marie in Brooklyn, New York, with their dog Bubba, named by her daughter.

List of Credits Edit

  • Oliver! -- Workhouse Child (1988)
  • Gypsy -- Baby June and Baby Louise (1989)
  • Les Misérables -- Little Cosette (1990)
  • Annie -- Pepper (1993)
  • Miss Saigon -- Gigi u/s (2000)
  • West Side Story -- Maria u/s (2002)

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