Jenell Brook Slack-Wilson (Born December 2nd, 1985 in Salt Lake City, Utah, as Jenell Brook Meredith Slack) is a young actress and singer who plays Cosette in the 1995-96 touring cast of Les Miserables in the 3rd National Tour, and the 1997 version. Unlike any other child performer, her sophisticatedly excellent singing voice gives the listeners attention, even right now.

Notable Acts Edit

  • She sings "The Star-Spangled Banner [a/k/a National US Anthem]" in several Utah Jazz Games.
  • Richard Jay Alexander reminisces that she also sung a song from "Jane Eyre: The Musical".
  • She plays the Immigrant Girl in "Ragtime".
  • Many folks know her as the voice of Jelly Otter in "Disney's PB&J Otter", whereas, she is grown up and still does it, too.
  • Her only movie appearance is the role of Andrea in "Summer Solstice".
  • Her hobbies are singing. "I started singing at 4...", she says in the DJ Bob Show interview. Her favorite musical artists are Elton John and Coldplay.
  • She gets married to Kalen Wilson in 2009.

Inspirations Edit

"I remember this child in particular... I was shocked at her musicianship in terms of how sophisticated it was... She is incredible as far as being an actress and singer, especially for her age. She is a director's dream. If anyone can tell her something, she'll run with it and is willing to work. She also memorizes her lines quickly and is ready to go." (Richard Jay Alexander commenting about her)

"I believe that music is especially the beauty inside me, and music is very important in our state. When I am singing "From Our Heart (short solo)" during some "PB&J Otter" recording session, the voice director heard my excellent singing voice... it's magic." (Slack-Wilson in 2000)

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