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Inspector Javert
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Jacques Mercier
Jean Vallée
Roger Allam
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Philip Quast
Norm Lewis
Thomas Goerz
Patrick Rocca
Hadley Fraser
Brian Stokes Mitchell
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John Malkovich
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Tam Mutu
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Inspector Javert is the main antagonist from the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and its musical counterpart. He is also, alongside Jean Valjean, the main character in the production. Also, he is Jean Valjean's archenemy.



Javert as he appears in the novel

Javert was born in a prison, his mother a fortune-teller and his father a convict serving on a galley. He first appears when Valjean becomes the mayor of Montreuil-sur-Mer under the alias of Monsieur Madeline. When Monsieur Madeline frees Old Fauchelevent from being crushed underneath a cart, Javert suspects that he is Jean Valjean, but the police do not believe him and cause him to believe that another man named Champmathieu is the real Jean Valjean. Javert arrests Monsieur Madeline when he reveals his true identity. Nine years later, Javert disguises himself as a troop of The Friends of the ABC and is subsequently incarcerated, but Valjean secretly frees him and pretends to fire at him. Later, Javert helps Valjean to take Marius, who is unconscious and wounded from the battle at the barricade and in love with Cosette, home to his grandfather, Monsieur Gillenormand. Valjean tells Javert that he may arrest him afterwards, but the inspector leaves. Due to his strong sense of duty, Javert still wants to arrest him, but also feels it would be wrong to do so after Jean Valjean saved his life. Unable to cope with letting Valjean get away and petrified with horror that Valjean saved his life, Javert commits suicide and jumps into the Seine from a bridge after writing something like a will, which he does not do in the 2012 film. In most adaptations, it is left ambigious whether he died on impact or if he drowned.


Javert is depicted as ruthless, bitter, cynical, cold, pitiless, calculating, resourceful and dutiful. He was delusionally devoted to the law and carried out his orders mercilessly, wihtout a thought or an ounce of compassion. He was almost a fearmongerer, and everybody in his presence was intimidated by him. He was used to people being afraid of him and showed an almost callous disregard for everybody else's feelings and emotions, to the point of being a sociopath. Although, Javert was a fearless and dutiful frontline soldier who always acted out of honour and loyalty to France. He was respectful to authority figures, and willingly declared that Valjean (Posing as the Mayor) remove him of duty, and was disturbed when the latter refused and allowed him to continue wiht his duties. However, despite his mental immunity, he was not without weakness: As exploited by Jean Valjean, he was totally unable to understand or even endure mercy. He was disgusted by the very word, as shown when he fights Valjean in the hospital: When Valjean mentions mercy, Javert draws his sword and attacks. His incapability to understand mercy led to his suicide for being shown mercy once by Valjean, and during their final confrontation, Javert himself couldn't bring himself to shoot his archenemy.

As a soldier, Javert was a highly skilled fighter. He was expert with his trademark Spanish rapier, able to outmatch the physically superior Jean Valjean during their climatic duel. He was trained professionally in the police and was talented enough to make Valjean, Fantine, Eponine and the hotheaded Madame Thenadier fearful that he would challenge them. He was also proficient in hand-to-hand combat, shown when he was exposed during his infiltration of the French Revolutionaries, when at least ten Revolutionaries attack him, he fights back savagely until he is outmanouevred and knocked out. As a soldier, he was also a talented marksman, often carrying a flintlock pistol on him whilst on duty. He threw his pistol into the Seine when he became unhealthily disgusted with his own mercy.



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  • Jacques Mercier – Original French Concept Album
  • Jean Vallée – Original Paris stage cast
  • Roger Allam – Original London cast
  • Terrance Mann – Original Broadway cast
  • Thomas Goerz – Original Canadian cast
  • Takeshi Kaga and Takita Sagae - Original Japanese Cast
  • Jack Dorland – 1987 Glasgow cast
  • Andrzej Słabiak, Andrzej Śledź - 1989-2000, Musical Theatre in Gdynia
  • James Mikelberg – 1990 Frederciton cast
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  • Philip QuastComplete Symphonic Recording, 1995: 10th Anniversary concert
  • George Karaiskos – 1997 Florida cast
  • Mayo Kawasaki - 1997-2001 Japanese Tour
  • Ryu Kano - 1997 Japanese Tour
  • Côme Villneuve – 1998 Québec cast
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  • Roger Tirazona - 2001 Malta tour
  • Shuler Hensley - 2001 Broadway
  • Jerome Pradon - 2001-2002 West End Production
  • Luis René Aguirre - 2002 Commissioning Mexican scene 
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  • RGS High Wycombe 2013 School Edition – Lewis Cochrane
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  • Tam Mutu – 2012-2014 West End Production
  • Earl Carpenter – 2010 London cast, and 2013 Toronto tour
  • Ignasi Vidal – 2013/2014 Spain tour
  • Hesam Mustafa – Lawrence Park CI's 2014 school edition
  • David Thaxton - 2014/15 West End Production (Current)


  • William V. Ranous – 1909 film
  • Henri Étiévant – 1913 films
  • Hardee Kirkland – 1917 film
  • Jean Toulout – 1925 film
  • Charles Vanel – 1934 films
  • Charles Laughton – 1935 film
  • Hans Hinrich – 1948 film (credited as Giovanni Hinrich)
  • Robert Newton – 1952 film
  • Bernard Blier – 1958 film
  • Tino Carraro – 1964 mini-series
  • Anthony Bate – 1967 mini-series
  • Bernard Fresson – 1972 mini-series
  • Antonio Passy – 1973 series
  • Anthony Perkins – 1978 film
  • Michel Bouquet – 1982 film/1985 mini-series
  • Geoffrey Rush – 1998 film
  • John Malkovich – 2000 mini-series
  • Takashi Matsuyama -Shōjo Cosette anime 2007
  • Russell Crowe – 2012 film

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