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Biographical information
Also Known As

Little Gavroche
Petit Oiseau



Eye Color

Blue (2012 film)

Hair color

Blond (2012 film)




June 1832 (aged 11-12)

Cause of Death

Shot outside the barricades while collecting ammunition


Thénardier (father)
Madame Thénardier (mother)
Éponine (sister)
Azelma (sister)
Two unnamed younger brothers

Behind the scenes

Ilan Galkoff
Ewan Rutherford
Jake Poolman
Fabrice Bernard
Cyrille Dupont
Fabrice Ploquin
Florence Davis
Liza Hayden
Oliver Spencer
Ian Tucker
Braden Danner
Ludwig Brian
Alexis Tomassian
Cyrille Vannier
Marc Marut
Illya Woloshyn
Adam Searles
Brian D'Addario
Jacob Levine
Austyn Myers
Nick Jonas
Robert Madge
Toby Prynne
Jack Kelly
Jake Poolman
Archie Stevens
Joshua Colley
Hayden Wall
Shane Hervey
Jérôme Hardelay
Jamie Davis
Aiden Glenn
David Gregory Black
Daniel Huttlestone

Gavroche is a character from the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. He is the eldest son and the third-born child of Monsieur and Madame Thénardier, though this was never mentioned in the musical.


Gavroche (Les Misérables)
Gavroche. As he appears in the novel
Gavroche is the eldest son of Monsieur and Madame Thénardier  He has two older sisters named Éponine and Azelma, and two unnamed younger brothers. He is also technically unnamed; the readers are told that he chooses the name for himself, but is not provided with his real name, as Madame Thénardier only loves her daughters, whereas Thénardier pays more attention to moneymaking (and racketeering) than he does to his children. Gavroche is told by his parents to live in the street since he would have a better life there. The Thénardiers sell their two youngest sons to a lady named Magnon. Due to a freakish accident, the two boys are separated from Magnon without identification, and encounter Gavroche purely by chance. They are unaware of their identities, but Gavroche invites them to live with him and takes care of them. They reside in the hollow cavity of a giant elephant statue. This was no imaginary construction; located at the Place De La Bastille, it had been designed by Jean-Antoine Alavoine. The two boys leave Gavroche the next morning. They are last seen at the Luxembourg Gardens retrieving and eating discarded bread from a fountain. It is unknown what happens to the two after that. At dawn, Gavroche helps Thénardier and his henchmen escape from prison due to the request of Montparnasse. During the student uprising of June 5th, 1832, Gavroche joins the revolutionaries at the barricade. After an exchange of gunfire with the National Guards, Gavroche overhears Enjolras remark that they are running out of cartridges. He decides he can help. He goes through an opening in the barricade and collects the cartridges from the dead National Guardsmen. In the process of collecting the cartridges and singing a song, he is fatally shot by the National Guard.


Gavroche is featured in the stage musical. In the musical, much of his character remains unchanged. The only difference is that he does not seem to be related to the Thénardier family (in the song "Look Down," he refers to Thénardier by name).


Act IEdit

Act IIEdit

2012 filmEdit

2012 movie
HoneyfurAdded by Honeyfur
In the 2012 film adaptation, Gavroche is depicted as the strongest supporter of the Les Amis de l'ABC, sharing their revoloutionary ideas for the future, and is good friends with all of them: Marius, Enjolras, Grantaire Joly, Combeferre, Jehan, and in particular, Courfeyrac. Gavroche sometimes hides in a elephant statue with other poor children. Gavroche is thought of by the ABC as a brother and he thinks of them in the same way. Gavroche helps interrupt Lamarque's funeral procession, and also helps to build the barricade. When Inspector Javert poses as a rebel to give the ABC false information, Gavroche recognises and exposes him, leading to Javert being caught. Gavroche later warns Marius to be careful on the barricade.

Gavroche's relationship to Éponine is not mentioned, however he is seen with the Thénardiers when they are arrested. Gavroche is also shown to be devastated when she is killed. Marius later sends Gavroche to deliver a letter to Cosette, but instead gives it to Valjean. Valjean is impressed by Gavroche and tells him to stay away from the barricade. When Valjean arrives at the barricade disguised as a National Guardsmen to protect Marius, Gavroche recognises him and tells the students not to shoot him. When they hear that they are on their own as the people have not joined them and the other barricades have fallen, they begin to lose faith. Gavroche rallies them by singing Do You Hear The People Sing? again, causing them all to join in.

Gavroche later sneaks into the battlefield to collect the cartridges from the dead National Guardsmen while warning the soldiers that they won't give up, when and where he is fatally shot. Marius, Enjolras, Grantaire, Courfeyrac, Joly, Combeferre, Jehan and the other rebels are horrified at Gavroche being in direct line of fire, and are devastated at Gavroche's death. Courfreyac retrieve's Gavroche's body, and Valjean lays him in the wine shop. The ABC are enraged at the soldiers and restart the fight. Gavroche is laid next to Éponine and the others.

Death of Gavroche
HoneyfurAdded by Honeyfur
After Gavrohe's death, a fierce battle takes place on the barricade and everyone is killed; Bahorel is killed at the barricade by several volleys fired from the National Guard; Marius is burned by fire from muskets, and is shot in the shoulder, the collarbone, and is presumed dead; Jehan and Lesgle are killed on the lower floor of the wine shop tying to escape, Feuilly is killed trying to fend off the National Guardsmen with a musket; Courfeyrac, Combeferre and Joly are fatally shot when the National Guardsmen fire a large volley into the ceiling into the upper floor of the wine shop, Enjolras and Grantaire are fatally shot by the National Guardsmen, and Enjolras falls out of the window waving the red liberal republican's flag.

Javert arrives, having been released by Valjean, and is clearly disturbed by the casualties and is secretly very proud of Gavroche's courage. Javert pins his medal onto Gavroche's tunic. Gavroche is later seen in heaven alongside Eponine, Fantine, Valjean, and the members of Les Amis de l'ABC.

List of PortrayersEdit


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  • Yumiko Kobayashi - 2007 Shōjo Cosette anime
  • Daniel Huttlestone2012 film


  • In French, Gavroche has come to mean "street urchin"



2012 MovieEdit


Look Down Beggars Gavroche Full Scene(01:57)
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Gavroche's deathGavroche's death.-1(01:40)
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