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Biographical information
Also Known As

Father Fauchelevant
Father Fauvent




Ultime Fauchelevant (Valjean in disguise)


Gardener at the Quartier Saint Antoine at Paris

Behind the scenes

Stephen Tate
Paul Préboist

Fauchelevant is a character in Les Misérables. He is rescued by Jean Valjean in "The Runaway Cart" and later assists him escape Javert under a false name.

When Valjean arrives at the Petit Picpus, were Fauchelevant says that he "fell out of heaven." After housing them, he is called by one of the mothers. They inform him that a mother has died, and she wanted to be buried under the alter. The only problem was, it was illegal to keep the bodies for any use. She said if he could find a way to fool the police, then Valjean would be allowed to stay. Valjean volunteered to hide inside the coffin  Fauchelevant plans to get his gravedigging partner drunk so he can get Valjean out. Unfourtuanatley, his old partner died and the new one refused to drink. He found a way to get rid of him and freed Valjean from the coffin just in time 

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