Dominique Zakharova is a young actress who played Young Éponine on the West End in 2005. She shared her part with Anastasia Alexis and was eight years old at the time, like her fellow child star. The image to the right shows Dominique at age seven, a year before she was with the cast.

Personal Life/HistoryEdit

Dominique was born in Cardiff, Wales to a French mother and Russian father, hence her name, which she stated was "very multicultural". Her first name, Dominique, is French, and her surname, Zakharova, is Russian. Despite growing up in a mostly French and Russian speaking home, she spoke English very fluently from the people in her neighborhood. She also had two older brothers and one younger sister. Her brothers, Auguste and Gilbert, were two and six years older than her, repectively, while her sister Estelle is three years younger than she is.

When Dominique was four, her family moved to London when her father had to unexpectedly change office places, so it was in London that Dominique strted going to school. It was here than Dominique found her interest in theater and acting, when she was just five.

Training and CareerEdit

Unlike most actors and actresses who played in Les Mis, Dominique was never trained in musical theater until she was nine, once she left the cast. She was trained in non-musical theater at a specialized children's acting school in London.

Her first role she took on when she was seven, when her acting school put on the play The Hillbilly Goats Gruff, a parody of the fairy tale with a similar name. There was a small chorus part in this play, but Dominique was not a member of the choir. She took the stage as the Littlest Billygoat Gruff, and as a child in one of the false parody adverts taking place between major scenes.

A year later, her parents suggested she try out on the West End for a more professional experience. She did, and landed the role of young Éponine. Like all child actors in Les Mis Dominique stayed with the cast for a year before moving on to take a year of singing lessons and be trained in musical theater.

Her next role was also on the West End, as she played a young version of Nala in The Lion King. It was Dominique's first singing role. Just a year later, when she was eleven, she took on the part of a young Jane in a regional theater production of Jane Eyre. This was another non-singing part.

Dominique's last sighting in theater was as the understudy for Tiffany in the original cast of Matilda.

List of CreditsEdit

  • (2004) The Hillybilly Goats Gruff — Littlest Billygoat
  • (2007) The Lion King — Young Nala
  • (2008) Jane Eyre — Young Jane
  • (2010) Matilda — Tiffany u/s