Crystal Tam (born February 5, 1983) was a child actress who portrayed the character of Little Cosette on the West End cast of Les Misérables between the years of 1993 and 1994. She shared her role with young actress Brittany Bradshaw. When she was cast, Crystal was ten years old, making her two years older than the character she portrayed.

She is a native of Chiswick, a suburb of London, and has three sisters.

Unlike Bradshaw, Crystal did pursue acting into her teens; and she has been in several very well-known musicals both on and off London's West End from a young age. She has not had any major roles in musicals since the age of fifteen, however, she has been a member of the chorus in several West End and regional theatre musicals.

The photograph to the right features Crystal at age ten, when she was first cast as the young version of Cosette.

Personal and Early Life Edit

Crystal Tam was born Crystal Christine Tam on February 5, 1983 in Chiswick, England to Lachele (née Egort) and Corey Tam. She has three sisters, two older and one younger than her. Respectively, they are Goldie (b. March 1978), Anna (b. September 1990) and Melanie (b. April 1986). Crystal and her sisters were raised as Atheists.

From an early age, Crystal expressed a fascination with music and dancing. At age five, she was signed up for musical theatre lessons and proceeded to act in a number of well-known West End musicals. Her last large role was in Grease at age fifteen, however, now an adult, she has been in the chorus of several other musicals. Most recently, she was a member of the chorus of parents and older students in the 2012 West End cast of Matilda.

Crystal is currently unmarried.

List of Credits Edit

  • The Sound of Music —— Gretl VonTrapp (1989)
  • Into the Woods —— Little Red Riding Hood (1990)
  • Annie —— Molly (1991)
  • Tommy —— Young Sally (1992)
  • Les Misérables —— Little Cosette (1993-94)
  • Mary Poppins —— Jane Banks (1994)
  • Grease —— Sandy (1998)
  • Jesus Christ Superstar —— Chorus (2004)
  • The King and I —— Chorus (2008)
  • Matilda —— Chorus (2012)

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