Courtney Wright is one of two actresses two have played Little Cosette on the West End in 2009. Her costar in this role was young actress Celeste Auld. Courtney was nine years old when she was with the cast. She has had several roles in other shows, though none on the West End. She has traveled across the UK for her acting, and as she put it once, she "never lives in one place for too long."

The image to the right is the school picture she had taken the same year she was working in Les Misérables.

Personal LifeEdit

Courntey was born on November 25 1999, to Christina and William Wright. She has one younger brother named Noah (born March 2002). She has traveled across the UK for her various stage roles, and has lived in Newcastle, London, Glasgow, Dublin, and Cardiff. Currently she has returned to London. 

Despite moving around, Courtney says she likes to keep in touch with all her old friends and often calls them on the telephone, and likes to "visit all the new places". Amonst her friends is her costar Celeste, for the two girls became very close while working together, despite Courtney being three years Celeste's junior. She also has a rescued duckling, a pet she claimed she found "unique", named Peaches.

When not acting, Courtney says that she likes to play baseball and to read books.

List of CreditsEdit

  • The Sound of Music - local Newcastle cast 2007 - Marta VonTrapp
  • Les Misérables - West End 2009 - Little Cosette
  • The Secret Garden - local Dublin cast 2010 - Mary Lennox
  • Matilda: the Musical - local Glasgow cast 2012 - Matilda
  • The Lion King - local Cardiff cast 2013 - Young Nala


  • Her favorite book is Stardust by Neil Gaiman, as she claimed when asked while working in Glasgow in Matilda.
  • Her favorite television show is Glee.
  • Her dream role is to play the older Cosette on the West End when she grows up.

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