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Biographical information




Cause of Death

Shot by Enjolras


Head of the Patron-Minette (novel)
Henchmen of Patron-Minette (musical)

Behind the scenes

Simon Shorten
Tony Timberlake
Julian Bleach
Jean-René Gossart

Claquesous is one of four heads of a crime organization called Patron-Minette.


Claquesous only addressed his accomplices in the most absolute darkness, and with his back turned to them. If a candle was brought, he put on a mask. He was a ventriloquist. No one was sure whether he had a name, Claquesous being a sobriquet; none was sure that he had a voice, as his stomach spoke more frequently than his voice; no one was sure that he had a face, as he was never seen without his mask. He disappeared as though he had vanished into thin air; when he appeared, it was as though he sprang from the earth.

Under the name of Le Cabuc he joins the revolutionaries at the barricade, where he is shot by Enjolras for murdering an innocent citizen.

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