Brittany Bradshaw (born March 31, 1982) was a British child actress in the 1990's who played the role of Little Cosette on the West End between the years of 1993 and 1994. She shared her role with fellow child actress Crystal Tam. When she was cast, Brittany was eleven years old.

Brittany acted in a few plays and musicals as a child but never became successful as an actress. Instead, at age seventeen, she decided to move on to the costume department and now works as a costume designer for a few plays and musicals outside of the West End.

She now lives in Glasgow, Scotland.

The photograph to the right features Brittany at age twelve when she was finishing with the cast.

List of Credits Edit

  • A Christmas Carol —— Belinda Cratchit (1988)
  • A Rose in Winter (original school play) —— Maria (1990)
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory —— Veruca Salt (1992)
  • Les Miserables —— Little Cosette (1993-94)

Personal Life Edit

Brittany was born Brittany Rochelle Bradshaw on March 31, 1982 to Trina and Duncan Bradshaw in London, England, and was an only child. She began acting at the early age of three and went on to have roles in some plays off the West End. Her first role on the West End was at age eleven in Les Miserables, where Brittany played Little Cosette. This happened to be her last stage role; she eventually chose to pursue a career in costume design for plays and musicals instead.

In 2009, she married Russell Black and became Brittany Black. They now live in Glasgow, Scotland (Black's hometown) with their three-year-old daughter Susan and the family's two cocker spaniels, Blue and Cheddar.

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