Bersabhe Bulger (b. May 21, 1989) was a Canadian child actress in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. When she was nine years old, she played the roles of Little Cosette and Young Éponine in the 1998 Toronto tour of Les Misérables. Bersabhe shared her role with fellow child actresses Adrianna Lakewood and Celia Solomon, both of whom also played the two characters on alternating nights. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Bersabhe grew up with much availability to perform professionally; and acted in a few plays and musicals through her childhood and adolescence. She made her formal stage debut in Les Misérables, though before her role she had studied musical theatre for several years.

== Early/Personal Life Gina Bulger was born on May 21, 1989 in Toronto, Canada to Becky (née Raffolo) and David Bulger And eight boys and girls gina grew up well-accustomed to being doted on by her parents and her aunt, who lived with them throughout her childhood. She attended a girls-only private school until she was twelve years old. It was here that a love for performing was spawned when she was in junior kindergarten and saw some of the older children in her school act in a student-written play. She began to attend the after-school drama club, and her parents also signed her up for singing lessons outside of school. By the time Gina was six, she had begun to take specialised musical theatre lessons as well as private singing lessons and her daily sessions at the school’s drama club. She took on her first role in a short school play at the age of seven,

Two years later, a province-wide casting call went out to girls aged twelve and under who wanted to play the role of Little Cosette in Les Misérables. Bersabhe auditioned eagerly, and was granted the part. She was one of the first children to audition. She loved acting in Les Misérables very much and formed a close bond with young actress Adrianna Lakewood. The two in fact became inseparable, and were delighted when, by coincidence, they wound up sharing another role in another musical the following year. Bersabhe went on to act in two more school plays and two more musicals, one in young adulthood, before drifting away from the acting world.

She now lives in the Yorkdale area of Toronto with her husband Jamie and she has kids she had nine boys and girls with Down syndrome and William syndrome

List of Credits Edit

  • The Little Mermaid Ariel
  • Les Misérables – Little Cosette
  • Annie – Annie

Oliver Twist Nancy

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