Ava Thompson (born February 1999) is a young British actress who portrayed the character of Little Cosette on the West End between the years 2009 and 2010. She shared her role with fellow young actress Laura Berry. She was ten years old when she was cast.

Now a young teenager, Ava is a semi-established child actress and singer. Recently she took on her first-ever screen role in the popular British television drama Sherlock, and though she only appeared as an extra and not credited, she was featured in two episodes in 2012. A year afterwards, Ava appeared as another extra in an episode of another iconic British television show: this one the cult science fiction program Doctor Who.

Interestingly, Ava had previously auditioned for the role of young Rose in an early episode of Doctor Who's revival but was not cast because she didn't look enough like Billie Piper, who played the adult Rose.

Ava has been acting since she was six years old. The image to the right shows her school picture at age eleven.

Personal Life Edit

Ava Thompson was born on February 29, 1999 to Zoe and James "Jimmy" Thompson in Southern London. She has a twin brother named David who is ten minutes older than her. Ava and her brother grew up in a flat near the Tate Modern, which inspired her brother to become involved in painting since the two would visit there so often. Ava turned to acting instead.

Some years ago, Ava had a new baby brother (born April 2007) named Phillip.

List of Credits Edit

  • 2005 — The Wind in the Willows (children's theatre production) — Rat
  • 2007 — The Adventures of Peter Rabbit — Flopsy Rabbit
  • 2009-2010 — Les Miserables — Little Cosette
  • 2011 — Jane Eyre — Young Georgiana/Young Eliza
  • 2012 — Sherlock — Little Girl (uncredited)
  • 2013 — Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor 50th anniversary special — Gallifreyan child (uncredited)
  • 2014 — Singin' in the Rain (children's theatre production) — Kathy Selden

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