The 2013/14 Toronto production opened at the end of September 2013. It was due to close at the end of

The logo for the Toronto production

December 2013, but excessive demand for tickets caused a month-long extension. The production finally closed on February 2, 2014.

This production of Les Misérables was performed at the Princess of Wales Theater in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Despite the fact that this production is closed, several of the actors are moving to reprise their roles in the upcoming 2014 Broadway revival, including Ramin Karimloo and Samantha Hill.

This is the second time a live production Les Misérables has run in Toronto, the first time being in 1998. No recordings have been made of this production.

Cast in order of appearanceEdit


There are no understudies for the children's parts as the children are played by several actors/actresses.

  • Jean Valjean: Aaron Walpole, David Silvestri
  • Javert: Andrew Love, John Rapson
  • Fantine: Cornelia Luna, Heather McGuigan
  • Madame Thénardier: Katie Beetham, Kristen Peace
  • Monsieur Thénardier: Tyler Muree, John Rapson
  • Marius: Matt McMahan, Matt Rosell
  • Enjolras: Alan Shaw, Jonathan Winsby
  • Éponine: Brittney Johnson, Elena Juatco
  • Cosette: Andréane Bouladier, Caroline Colantonio

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